Watchdogs Can i run it

Could i run watchdogs with these specs on medium/high on 40 fps or higher

i5 3570k Not overclocked
r9 270 Gaming edition
8gB of ram
1.8 Tb
p8z77 motherboard
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  1. Can't predict FPS until the game us out, but you should reach high settings.
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    I estimate it will run @ med/high settings 1080p at around 40/60fps. This sounds about right given your specs.
  3. CPU: i5 3470 GPU: R9 270 RAM: 8GB running on Ultra with 2GB settings. I never tested the FPS but it runs very well, And looks very good.
  4. I have a similar system and get arount 45-50 with textures on High and AA to Temporal. 40-45 with 4xTXAA.
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