Bottleneck question for a new inexperienced builder?

Like the title says, I'm wondering if the cpu I bought will bottleneck the gpu. If this may seem like a weird or stupid question please keep in mind that this is my first build so.. Be nice? :) Anyways, just bought an AMD Athlon X4 760k GHz Quad-Core cpu and I was wondering if it would bottleneck this PNY GeForce GTX 650 1GB that I bought. Thanks for any HELPFUL input!!
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  1. Those two are pretty evenly matched; No need to worry.
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    It wont bottleneck, don't worry. On the other hand if you get a better card you could easily bottleneck it with that CPU. eg. GTX 670 or above.
  3. I basically agree.

    The X4-760K is a very great value. It was getting almost the same result as a good i5 in many games paired with a lot higher card than the GTX650.

    It fell on its face with some really demanding games like Metro Last Light that are very CPU intensive, so may not do that well with Watch Dogs either.
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