Motherboard 1 standoff on the corner not aligning. (IO shield issue)

So I built a new pc and tried to align it with the io shield but no matter what the pin sticks out for the ethernet and one usb port so i took them off.

Every standoff goes on besides one in the corner here's the picture:

There also seems to be a "positioning standoff" in the middle of the mobo that doesn't let me budge the mobo to align it.

Because one of the ports for the case are there, whenever I take that out I gotta be careful because that side of the mobo bends a bit.
What should I do? Should I stop worrying?
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  1. Thats the thing I can't put the screw because the hole of standoff doesn't completely allign with it. The mobo is secure but its just when I try to pull out of the case plug that goes in that corner the mobo slightly lifts up (only at that corner) because of no screw.
  2. No the hole is there but slightly misaligned so I can't put the screw in good enough.
  3. what board and what case ??
  4. msi z87-gd65 and ya I guess I will just have to remember to hold the mobo when pulling out that plug.
  5. are you ashamed to say what case?
  6. O sorry nzxt h440
  7. well it looks ok and should support your board with ease.. unless you got unlucky and got a defect... you need to get with whoever and tell them the hols are not drilled out correctly or something before you do more damage trying to hog leg it in then your really out...
  8. I think its just the mobo or the case that put the hole in the wrong place. It is only slightly apart around 1mm or so but enough to not allow the screw to go in. If its ok to leave that one screw open I don't think its worth asking for a new case or mob, it will be a pain to rebuilt everything
  9. its your call dude .... I been surfing it around and no one I can find is having that issue and the case seems well liked.. if its a bad drill job and you stress your board and something snaps or what ever then what ?? you got a defective case and now a junk motherboard ? what good is that to you then? you should inquire to whoever you got it from and see about an exchange.. I'm not there with you for a hands on but these thing happen and you got the last case made on Friday and the guy in charge of that was late for his daily bowl of rice..
  10. Are all your other screws in and tight? Loosen the crap out of them, and try to move the board so that you can get that last screw in. I've used boards ok with as little as 3-4 screws in so ONE missing shouldn't be a problem.

    So I built a new pc and tried to align it with the io shield but no matter what the pin sticks out for the ethernet and one usb port so i took them off.

    Huh? Pin sticks out? Are you talking about the I/O shield?
  11. as long as the holes are not traced and need to be fastened correctly you may get by with that
  12. I am an idiot, so it was the case, the pre screwed standoff was kind of bend, i re installed that standoff and now it fits perfectly. Btw I noticed a slight white scratch on back of mobo prob when I was taking it out and 2 bent soldering pins. Is that gonna cause any issues?
  13. well that's a good deal for you then, but just assumed that you did all that at first.
    so now I guess its resolved and installed properly? about the pin thing see what I said about that could happen? all you can do is fire it up and hope for the best on that now..
  14. ya but I am ocd and noticed a white scratch across a few tracers in the back. thats just a bit of the protective coating right?
  15. I did a edit above on that but you beat me in on that... as I said all you can do is try it and see I tried to explain that them things could happen and now your there..
  16. well I am on the computer that I built now so everything seems to be fine, just hope there isn't any long term damage. Sorry its my first built thats why I am worried. Thanks guys.
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    you may want to take a clean dry tooth brush and carefully clean the case paint off the board if its got any matilatic or lead in it being from china no telling if the paint from there is conductive [better safe than sorry]
  18. no prob. good luck
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