Looking to add more fans plus an automatic controller - help please!

Hi guys,

I currently have Bitfenix Prodigy case with the two stock 120mm fans - one front and one back. Connected into the standard fan controller on the mobo

I would love to install three more - another one at back, one on the top and another on the front BUT if possible link them to a seperate controller.

My comp runs very cool 80% of the time while I work, however I would like all three extra fans to kick in for that 20% of time when i'm shredding away in BF4 :)

Now I dont really want to have to manually turn an ugly knob sticking out of my case to ignite these three fans when I jump into a game.

Can I connect these three extra fans to molex power cables but wire up a temp sensor or controller so that the power only switches on to the fans over X number of degrees (say 60C).

I know i most likely descriving something in existence but I cant find any info online!

Thanks guys!!!
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  1. I would just get a fan splitter and wire them up that way.
  2. Hi mate, thanks for your reply.

    I already have a fan splitter cable coming from my motherboards fan header (gigabyte z77n-wifi) - but I thought I read somewhere that it's not recomended to power 4-5 fans from one motherboard fan header. More fans = more strain on the mobo.
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    Yeah, I wouldn't do more than 3 off a single header. You shouldn't need more than 3 case fans in a Prodigy, though. My best results in the Prodigy were intakes on front and back (140mm) with an exhaust out the top (rear placement)
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