Help with building antec 1200 v3 gaming pc

PC Case- Antec 1200 V3 Motherboard- Gigabyte-GA 990FXA -UD3 (socket: AM3+)
CPU- AMD FX 9590 Black Edition 4.7ghz
GPU- Gigabyte- Radeon R9 290x OC Power supply- Antec 1300w high current platinum
HDD- Seagate 2TB constellation cs SSD- Samsung 250GB SSD (840 EVO Series)
Wi Fi adaptor- TP-link TL-WDN4800 RAM- Corsair 8GB (2x4GB) Vengeance LP
Manhattan hard disk drive mounting kit 2.5" HDD to 3.5" bay (compatible with SSD drives)
LG blu ray writer (not sure what model yet, finding out tomorrow)
CPU Cooler- Corsair h100 water cooling unit (there are a couple good tutorials on youtube to make it actually fit on the rear 2 fans even though it doesnt look like it will) ps has to be done in a certain way I think its called a push pull system. If that water cooler dont fit for some odd reason which I think it will anyway. Iv seen one in action so it is possible. If not ill go with the corsair h75 hydro series but it's a single

MAIN QUESTIONS ARE WILL ALL THIS BE COMPATIBLE AND WILL I HAVE PROBLEMS OR ANY TO LOOK OUT FOR, ANY ADVICE WELCOME :) THANKS IN ADVANCE Hope I have given all info needed for my help because this is what iv been recommended by a friend and have ordered the parts, easy to refund if its a no go. But im on the positive side atm
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    Dump the 9590 idea. They aren't worth it. 8350 is really as high as you should go. I assume you are planning on CFing later? PSU is way to large for a single GPU. Even for a CF setup it's to big. The 290X is a 300W GPU. So even two in CF would mean your draw would be only 800W or so. 1300W Platinum is overkill.

    Otherwise looks fine. Seeing as you have this kind of cash I'd go Intel. But nothing wrong with this AMD setup.
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