Can I install 4GB RAM on 32 bit Windows 7 ultimate

My pc have 2gb Ram i want to upgrade it to 4 gb but i hve 32 bit os can i upgrade
my pc specs are 3ghz intel dual core e5700
500gb hdd
Simmtronnics g 41 intel chip m/b motherboard
also please suggest me a medium end gpu under 5000 INR which can play games like fc 3,nfs mw 2,cod BO2,assaains vcreed 3,4 etc please answer my both questions dont lve them unanswered
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  1. It will work but won't see the full 4GB. A 32 bit OS will recognize about 3.25GB

    That's a slim budget (comparing the conversion to USD = roughly $85); I'm not sure what's available locally but a Radeon HD 6570 or GeForce 640 is about the best you might be able to find.
  2. Yes you can upgrade up to 4gb on 32 bit windows, any more than 4gb is wasted.
    If I was you I'd save up more money (around 7000 INR) and get something like a HD 7770
  3. if i install 64 bit would my pc become slow than before?
  4. I would not put a dime into a PC that outdated it is just not worth it. Save your money build a new one.
  5. Harshilvijay said:
    if i install 64 bit would my pc become slow than before?

    Installling a 64bit will not slow your computer as long as your processor supports 64bit operations. OS will only slow your computer if your hardware is not up to the task (this mainly being CPU)
  6. So is my processor good for mid end gaming and other stuffs?
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