Unexplainable High RAM Use Shown By Task Manager

Using a MSI Stealth Pro, ever since I started using the laptop from the box. Task Manager just keeps on displying high RAM use. Always on startup it shows 8%-10% but the RAM in use is below 1GB of the 16GB of the laptop. When I start watching on or just using the internet, it goes up 20%+ but displaying RAM use under 1.5 GB.

One time when using the laptop just watching a livestrem on the RAM usage % displayed 80%+ but again the RAM it is displaying is below 2GB.

After doing some investigation, some say its windows Ndu.sys that is causing the problem.

What is really causing the problem and how to resolve this problem?

Thank you in advance to anyone who will help me understand what is going on and resolve this problem.
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  1. its probably normal..

    because most laptops use a dedicated GPU for games and other graphic intensive applications, but it also have an integrated GPU for browsing and lower tier applications, to save power.

    unlike the dedicated GPU with its own memory, the integrated GPU borrows from the ram.
  2. If what you say is true then by using NVIDIA Contol Panel to select integrated GPU instead of auto-select or dedicated graphics, it should theoretically display that if it is using 1GB or less then the % count should relatively be of close to equal amount displayed in RAM.

    I'll reply at 1:00 PM London time to see any difference after using it.

    Thank you for your info.
  3. Well I think this shoud be closed since maybe I'm just being paranoid.
  4. Best answer

    Its a 64bit system with a lot of bloatware from msi..

    You should only worry if the laptop peaks at 60% ram on idle.
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