Which drivers to install for new motherboard? (Asrock H97 Pro4)

Hey all,

I have all of the components I need for my first build which I plan on building today. I am a little confused about which drivers I need to install for my motherboard (I know how to install GPU drivers). I read on the forum that you generally need to download the chipset, audio, LAN, SATA and USB drivers. I went to the Asrock website to look for the drivers, but besides the audio and LAN driver, they do not clearly state which driver is what.

Here is the link:

I might just use the CD to install the drivers. Since the motherboard was just recently release, the drivers shouldn't be outdated (right?). I am thinking that the install CD might not make it very clear which drivers are what (just like the website) so I would like to get everything sorted out before I start the build.

Some advice would be much appreciated, thanks!
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    Usually the drivers on the DVD of a recently released MB or revision thereof, will be fine. Keep it simple if this is your first build. Use the DVD.

    Going by the list of drivers on the website (your link), and not knowing how you use your machine, I would install all the drivers except for the VGA, the SATA Floppy, and possibly the App Charger (unless you use your USB ports to charge your phone when the PC is off).
  2. The inf driver is your chipset.
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