How can i overclock my ram

heloo folks .... i am eager to know that how can i overclock my pc ram's...
I have ddr2 ecc ram 667 mhz
and also ddr2 non ecc ram 667mhz ..... so if any1 can tell me that how i may be able to overclock them or even 1 of them , i shall be thankful to u ... Thanks and take care
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  1. oka gonna try it
  2. both of these link tell to oc ram by bios but i have a locked bios pc , i.e lenovo d10
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    You could use software.

    This may help:

    OCing your RAM is probably the last OC you want to do.
    Get a good CPU cooler an OC the CPU.
    Because the MOB is locked the OC software may not work.
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