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Okay, so currently in my Hewlett-Packard H8-1230, I replaced the power supply and the graphics card. The Power Supply is Antec 650w I believe, and the graphics card is an Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 which is a length of 8.25 inches according to the Nvidia website. Now, I am upgrading the video card again, and also upgrading my sound card to a SoundBlaster Audigy card. Here is my issue: When I first purchased the GTX 560, I went to install it into the motherboard, and it took me almost 2 hours to install both the PSU and the graphics card because I could NOT fit the graphics card into the opening provided between the PSU and the case. I've been looking at all the new graphics cards, and they are all 9 inches and larger. If I could barely fit an 8.25 inch graphics card into the PC now, there's probably no way to fit anything larger. I will supply a link to my PC which was purchased off Newegg, and I will provide the dimensions of the case as a whole. Maybe somebody here can help me, or maybe give me a reason why they would compact this so tightly? It's a Mid-Size Tower, which is honestly what most PC's come in nowadays, so maybe I'm missing something. It's roughly 16.5" x 16.5" by 5"
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  1. OEM's don't build cases to be efficient and roomy, they build them to fit what they plan on installing and being as cheap as physically possible. You can get ITX based cards, which are only about 6-7".
  2. So my solution basically is to get a new case, and transfer all the components to a larger case?? Or would I basically need a whole new PC from CyberpowerPC or Ibuypower?
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