AMD FX4100 Heating ISSUES. Computer Gets Turned OFF. Urgent Help Needed.

My Rig:-

AMD FX-4100 (3.6 GHz) Quad Core
4GB DDR3 RAM (1xKingston and 1xCorsair)
ATi HD 4830 @512mb Graphic Card
MSI PG-760M MotherBoard
Acer 220W Power Supply

1 year back I purchased this rig but with an ATI 3450 Graphic Card and only 2GB DDR3 RAM. In that configuration, my computer ran all smoothly and it remained under 50 degrees celsius all the time, even at the time I ran Heavy Games. But after I installed ATi 4830 and additional 2GB RAM, my computer is becoming unstable. It gets heat up so quickly. GPU Temparature is always above 60 and CPU reaches 90 degrees. I can't even use winRAR compression, my computer gets turned off. Is that because I have a weak Power Supply?
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  1. I would say almost 100% yes that PSU is not suited for 4830 you need to upgrade your PSU and I hope you go that 4830 for free as there are much much better cards out there now for around $75 US probably cheaper to get a used 6 series card than use a card that around four generaitions old.
  2. Any other answers?
  3. PSU is a time bomb. It makes sense that your problems started when you added the graphics card, as it is putting much more load on that tiny PSU.
  4. Can you recommend me a power supply which is just sufficient for my rig? I have a tight budget.
  5. Thankyou! I hope this would work.
  6. I'm sure it will. Your old HD 3450 barely sipped power.
  7. No change. I tried coolmaster 450W powersupply and result is the same.
  8. Which model? Some of the Cooler Masters are junk.
  9. on a side note you I would make sure the fans are working the "new" card since it used it could be a issue with the fans not spinning. Why don't you take out the card (leave the upgraded memory and PSU in the machine) and see if you have the over heating issue. Also could be airflow into your PC.
  10. I removed the CPU cabinet and then tried to the PC. Hardly 2-3 degrees of temperature was improved. And yes, fans are working all fine. GPU isn't getting too hot. It's the CPU which is causing Issue.
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    Have you thought about simply buying a new CPU cooler? Pick up a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo if you can, it's only 30$ and will do a much better job of keeping your CPU cool. It's what I use to keep my i5-4670k cool @ 4.4GHz.
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