Computer randomly powers off and won't start up untill motherboard completly loses power

So for the last couple week my computer has randomly been powering off and i have been losing so much work due to this its completly unpredictable. So basically it powers off just turns off! My keyboard and everything pluged in by USB still light up so power is not lost it just turns off. It will not turn on unless you completly cut of the power untill the motherboard loses power after it starts normally! Please Help !!!
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  1. Please provide your full system specifications.
  2. LC Power 6600 PSU
    ASUS AMD970 Motherboard
    AMD FX 8320 3.50GHz CPU
    2x HyperX 4gb memory
    1TB WD Hdd don't know the exact model
    Video card some old Radeon 5*** series
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    Your "LC Power" is a PSU-shaped object, likely unable to hold up its end of the log, and is shutting off. The LEDs you see still lit get their power from the +5VSB circuit, which would be unaffected.
    Do NOT continue to use your system in this condition. Before your PSU shuts down, it is likely sending out-of-spec voltages to your system, which could lead to damage.
    Please find out more about your video card, so we can suggest a proper PSU for you.
  4. Video card curently does not require extra power supplied to it it is a 4 year old peice of equipment very low end card that needs to get replaced and currently had in mind a Corsair VS650 PSU! Mind that i am not financhaly capable of buying a really high end card and in my opinion should be enough for anything i would buy in the 200€range! secondly how come it came to only causing this problem in the last couple of weeks i have had the PSU for about 2 years and has worked well up towards now recently i got the new CPU + motherboard and it kept working perfectly for about 2-3 months and now started crashing?
  5. Capacitors in a PSU age over time, reducing their capacity. The voltages reaching your PC could now be very poorly filtered, causing your crashes.
    While not a great PSU itself, the VS650 would be a LOT better than what you have now.
  6. Another thing do you think this could have happened because a period of quite frequent power outages and pc losing power itself could that have damaged the PSU or is that not even a possibility. My other final question would be that we are now certain it is the PSU and i should swap that out ASAP ?
  7. Fwiw, I personally believe it is the PSU. I don't gamble, but that is the way I'd bet if I did. Power outages, depending on how "messy" the power was as it failed, could have caused damage, particularly because cheap PSU-shaped objects frequently lack proper filtering circuits (hey, those cost money!)
  8. OK well thank you for your help i have ordered the VS650 and will get it in a couple days i will give feedback after the switch and we will see if this is the case Hopefully it is! For now thank you for your help and i will definetly come back to this site if i'm looking for information.

    Keep up the good work
  9. Remember, for the safety of your system, it is best to not use it any more until you get the new PSU.
  10. It definetly worked and this PSU is definetly a lot better than the previous Thanks for your assistance
  11. Glad to hear it!
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