HP Shuts down 10 seconds after power up.

Hey, this one is trcky.
I bought a HP Envy a couple of months ago (

A couple of days ago it started with this problem: 10 seconds after turning the notebook on, it turns off... this would be in the automatic repair screen.
I tried booting from a linux live usb and it turns off in the GRUB. I tried booting to a DOS USB drive and since it boots super fast I do get a prompt but for only 2-3 secs.
I tried switching the UEFI to legacy mode but nothing changed.
I opened the laptop up, removed the battery, removed the hard disk and replaced the memories to try different scenarios, but again nothing changed. Even in DOS mode, booting from a USB drive, without the battery and the hard drive it turns off.
Nothing looks overheated or is even warm, the fan is clean and working.

The funny thing is I can run the 4 hour long UEFI system tests without getting any error. The processor, memory, hard drive, etc. tests pass and the notebook doesn't shut down.

What can I do?

Yes, the warranty is valid but I'm not in the US and I can't ship the laptop there. I'm in argentina and here HP doesn't provide the same service than in the US.
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  1. Bios update?
  2. Certainly does sound like a confusing problem, but here's a couple things you can try:
    1. clear CMOS - there is either a button in the pc (which is rare) and definitely a button cell battery, remove the battery, count to ten, and put it back in and start the pc
    2. Run memtest - since you made this post i assume you have access to a working pc with internet access, you can download memtestx86 and run it from CD/USB. its a bootable disk so you wont need to boot into windows, just boot the media on startup. this will test your ram
    3. Check for a bios update. update that if available

    if those dont work, post back

  3. Hey, thanks for your answers!

    I cleared the CMOS but it didn't fix it :(
    I can't update the BIOS, there is a newer version, v17 and I'm running v15, but it is only doable under windows, HP provides a .exe file for this.
    I tried the memtest suggestion, it boots to memtest but it turns off after 3 secs, I can't even start the tests! It only stays on in the BIOS, any other thing I try to boot (memtest, dos, OS from hard drive, linux) will crash it. Do you think this could be a memory issue? I have two modules and tried with only one module first and then the other but got no luck.
    If the memory is damaged, would the bios run fine? It's odd the uefi memory tests passed.
  4. Best answer
    Are you sure hp doesn't have warranty services for Argentina?
    this link says otherwise.

    Anyways if your hellbent not using the warranty or just cant there a few things you can check.

    Ive worked with this model of laptop and i think its one of the worst.

    Id check the heatsink first. You'll need to remove the heatsink and reapply the thermal paste, sometimes they use way too much paste with this model causing a thermal shut down to occur. if that doesnt solve the issue then...

    Check the cable for the lcd, sometimes it can short causing the computer to shut down. While the computer is on lightly press on the LCD cable. if it shuts down right away then the a cable and/or connector may have gone bad which at this point there is nothing you can do. if not there is an other thing to check.

    This steps is a lot more involve because it requires you to remove the motherboard. under the motherboard check if the power switch ribbon cable runs under the hinge of the laptop if it does, then that your problem. unscrew the hinge and lift it up and carefully move the ribbon cable so it lays on top the hinge and under the the motherboard when you back in.

    if none of these are the issue then the motherboard could be shorting near the underside of the keyboard, and there is an really ugly ugly fix for that. get some scotch tape and tape the under side of the motherboard where it would contact the keyboard and chassis.

    if you try all these, and it sill shuts down, then your mb is bad.

    I really recommend you to find warranty services instead of messing with it.
  5. Hey dude, thanks for your answer, it was pretty accurate.

    It was some sort of overheating issue. It probably has a thermostate or something similar that was detecting an overheating issue and turned the laptop off.
    I still don't know what was causing it, but this is what happened: I removed every component (even the USB ports) and fixed nothing. I removed the plastic sheet that covers the motherboard and it started working. Huh? I placed it back, "it's just a piece of plastic, this can't be causing it" and started malfunctioning again. Strange enough, it started working like a swiss clock when I removed it again.
    IDK. Probably the plastic was messing somehow with the temperature sensor... I insist, the laptop was not even warm.
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