Which should i pick?

Should i pay more for the Intel build or to just go with the AMD build?
Rig 1:

Intel Core i5 4440

Asus B85M-G (C2)

Crucial BallistiX XT 2x4GB

HiS R9 270X

CM Force 330

XFX ProSeries 450W Bronze

WD Blue 1TB

Build 2:
AMD FX 8320

Asus M5A97 LE R2.0

Crucial BallistiX XT 2x4 GB

HiS R9 270X

CM Force 500

XFX ProSeries 550W Bronze

WD Blue 1TB
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  1. get rid of the ballistix ram. look into gskill.

    the power supply in the second build.
  2. Best answer
    Get the intel build. Great build. lthough, you may want to get a 4670
  3. I'd go for the Intel build, unless you can improve the motherboard on the AMD build. The "LE" version of that motherboard does not have heatsinks on its VRMs, so it is not good for overclocking. If you didn't want to OC anyway, the Intel build will be much better. If you wanted to overclock, you'd need to add an aftermarket cooler to the AMD build for another $30-$40. I recommend a 120mm direct-touch tower cooler, other than the frequently-parroted Hyper212 EVO. That one isn't a bad cooler, but competitors (e.g. Enermax, NZXT, and even Gammax) have products offering similar performance (+/- 1C-2C depending on the fan; could go either way), generally for $5-$10 less. This makes the CM a bang/buck Loser, and I try not to recommend Losers.
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