What is the INVALID character in this registry? Anyone. About: Error 1325

G:\Memeo-Free_Agent\RNC-01_BackUp\My Received Files\

When trying to install Paragon Backup & Recovery, I received an Error 1324 the file (or Path) "Memeo - Free Agent" contains an invalid character. So I RegEdit -> search for every instance of "Memeo" and changed the following:

G:\Memeo - Free Agent\RNC-01 BackUp\My Received Files\


G:\Memeo-Free_Agent\RNC-01_BackUp\My Received Files\

Thinking the INVALID characters were the spaces in between. Now I am getting an Error 1325 instead of the previous Error 1324. Can anyone help me identify what I need to changed?

I can attach a pic of the registry file, if it helps.
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    It sounds like a bad download. One of the bytes got corrupted. Try a fresh download or download from another site. Or it could just be a bad file from Paragon.
  2. It's looking for short names(less than 8 characters)
  3. ss202sl said:
    It's looking for short names(less than 8 characters)

    It shouldn't make any difference with Win7.
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