Can you set-up dual monitors with different video cards each?

So i have a personal pc and my father gave me his old pc. Can i use both monitors in one cpu but they will both use different graphics card each? I saw at youtube and they only show how to set up dual monitors with only 1 graphics card, so would my option work?
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  1. You can do two screens off of two different graphics cards but things get a bit weirder. Any reason why you want to add the extra complexity rather than just running them both off of a single card?
  2. Well the reason is i don't have that adaptor thing they recommend on their videos and i actually want to make use of both video cards
  3. What adapter thing are they recommending? What are the two video cards? If you had a mid level one and a low level one it makes no sense to use both, i know it may seem like using both is fair to the cards, but they don't care and its just a waste of power to be running the overhead for a second card.
  4. That DVI to VGA adapter. The one i'm using right now is a NVIDIA GeForce 210, i forgot the other one but it's somewhere about GeForce 9 series. Sorry if i'm giving wrong infos because i'm not really that good at checking specs.
  5. Pretty much any 9 series card is going to be better than that G 210, the 9400 GT is three tiers above it,3107-7.html

    Speccy does a good job of pulling basic specs on what it can query, you may want to start with that

    Also, do your monitors require a VGA connection? Many screens have both DVI and VGA so you can run one off of a VGA port and the other off a DVI port, or both off DVI if you have 2 DVI ports. If you really need a DVI-VGA adapter they are super cheap, or ask one of your computer savvy friends, i have 3 in my box-o-parts
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