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The case that I have is a TJ04-E by Silverstone. I was wondering how you folks would recommend me orientating the fans. As you may know the TJ04-E case comes stocked with 3 fans; (1 exhaust in the back, 1 intake up top, and 1 intake off to the side).


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  2. badboyrog2 said:

    The thing is I am wanting to orientate my fan with a top exhaust orientation. However, the problem is that my only intake will only be the two fans by the side of the case. The problem I see with that is the air being intake doesn't travel through a straight path so the cool air might perhaps scatter?
  3. ok i see what you mean
    the two front fan is on right hand side, thats a rare setup i saw , well ....its not going to be strait but still good enough.
    i do not know if you can put a fan somewhere else at the front?
  4. The engineers at Silverstone did a great job in creating a positive pressure all intake fans except for a rear exhaust situation. It supposed to be the best for airflow. I have your case and I use the top 140 and 120mm fans for intake as they were meant to be, but I added a 2x5.25in hard drive bay adapter that I only use as a 80mm front fan intake b/c I have something of a cooling fetish. you can see pics of the case here.
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