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I just built a computer and bought a 1 TB HD for her, decided to reserve 80gb for the OS/other programs and the rest as the main part of the HD, where I would be downloading from and what not.

Unfortunately, mistakes were made, and now the 80gb portion of my HD is the primary drive (C: ) and my other drive (A: ) has ~850 gb of storage I can't really use... I want to change it to make my A: drive as the primary, where all my data will be saved/stored/etc and the C: drive will be where I keep my OS (Windows 7 Ultimate) and maybe microsoft office and other programs.

Any solutions, guys? I've tried searching, but every hit is related to issues with two hard drives, not one that was incorrectly partitioned. Thanks for the help gents.
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  1. Shrinking the partition can be done through drive management, but expanding the volume cannot, as a limitation with windows 7.

    See example 2. If you didn't load anything on A: drive, you should have very little trouble maximizing how much you can shrink. Best of luck.

    Not sure how many applications your using, but my general rule is take OS space after updates + calculate all anticipatied programs you'll be installing, multiply by 2. Better to have plenty of space on your C: drive then barely enough.
  2. Thank you, I read the article.. but I'm confused.

    Right now my computer is using the C: drive as the primary drive, correct? It says it is Boot, Page File, Crash Dump and Primary partition.
    The A: drive is only Primary partition.

    I only want the C: drive to have my OS and not stuff like League of Legends on it, but it has all the files I've saved since I built it (two days ago). Should I just start saving everything on my A: drive and not worry about it? I have 39gb free on my C: drive.
  3. If it has only been a couple of days, I would start over, rather than trying to 'fix it'.

    Boot from the install media
    Wipe out all partitions
    Install to the full unpartitioned 1TB space.
    Or, split it 60/40 or 50/50
  4. edit WOOPS that isn't a signature, those are instructions! Thanks!


    Okay, sorry to be a headache... I'm not sure how to go about 'starting over', as I don't have the disk for the OS anymore. Is there no way to have the primary drive changed without a complete start over? And furthermore, how do I start over? I'm not the best with computers, and I just built this rig a couple days ago, so I want to try and keep things as smooth as possible. Thanks again, guys.
  5. Wouldn't it be better to simply delete the drive?
  6. iiwalshii said:
    Wouldn't it be better to simply delete the drive?

    If its only been a couple of days, yes. Delete all and reinstall.
  7. Best answer
    Okay, then should I leave my HD un-partitioned?
  8. iiwalshii said:
    Okay, then should I leave my HD un-partitioned?

    That question can have many opinions. My opinion, no you shouldn't to keep things simple. The only reason why I have three different drive letters is because I have three physical drives in my desktop. Aka, my OS drive is the solid state drive for process intensive programs/games, my 2nd drive is for programs that aren't process intensive and data, and my third is a redundant data drive, which is also in the 2nd drive. But again, physical differences for me, not just partitions.
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