Dell dimension 9200c

I know some people are going to say no this computer isnt very upgrade able but I was able to get a nice 475w psu in this think and its a deicent after market psu and its nice and quite and I was wonder what would be the best intel core 2 quad i could put in this thing with out heating issues do ya think I got a 8gbs of ram and no gpu atm and a blue ray drive and a 1tb hdd
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    XPS 410/9200 will take up to Q6700,1066 FSB processors.
  2. holy cow thank you for finding this!
  3. Your very welcome , thanks for posting on the forum.
  4. wait this if for the 9200 not the 9200c will it still be fine?

    Read the first post.
  6. oh good I've just gotta worry about cooling which I think I can handle awsome :)
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