Numeric Keypad works under Windows XP but not under Windows 7... Mouse Keys is off... shortcut off as well. Is there a Windows

A curses time clock application that relies on keypad entry for numeric employee IDs, dates, and times worked fine with Windows XP. With Windows 7 every numeric keypad entry acts like an escape key and causes the application to exit and return up a level in the menu hierarchy. Mouse Keys is not enabled and the key strokes to enable Mouse Keys is also disabled.

Is there any other setting that will allow the numeric keypad to function in Windows 7 same as in Windows XP (as a numeric keypad).
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  1. did you activate the number lock on the keyboard .
  2. Yes. NumLock is active.
  3. The problem is in the terminal emulator. The curses application is run on a remote host; access is via a terminal emulator. The emulator has a keyboard configuration file where the responses of the numeric keypad are defined. Setting all the numeric keypad settings to "off" allows the keystrokes to be evaluated in the normal manner.

  4. then you will have to do the process on the link to made it work .
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    The solution is to modify the KEYBOARD.CNF file and place that in the Teraterm folder so the emulator knows how to respond to the numeric keypad keys. This has been done. The application now behaves as desired regardless of Windows XP or 7.
  6. now everything work as it should .
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