having problems connecting pc to tv via hdmi

hi, i just built my new computer and i had installed everything right,i had everything runiing exellent and then when i went to shutdown my computer the was the "!" icon on the shutdown button on windows 7, i restarted my computer so the updates could install and then when it booted up there was no signal, im using a HDMI high speed cord, im on the right imput and everything, i have tryed on 1 differnt TV but still nothing, i have taken my graphics card out and tryed plugging in my HDMI to my motherboard but still nothing, i have used 2 differnt HDMI cords. i tryed plugging in headphones and seeing if i could here a boot up nosie but nothing. nothing comes up other than "No Signal" from my TV
i am running Windows 7 64bit profeesional
Radeon 290 windforce 4G GPU
intel i7 4770
and sugggestions on what im doing wrong?
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  1. PC's are picky with HDMI cables, I suggest getting a good one with gold connectors, I had that problem a while ago and a better quality HDMI fixed it.
  2. yeah the hdmi cable is a high speed gold but still nothing, i tryed with good DVI cable and nothing.... stll having problems. do you think that my morther board or graghpics card is blown?
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