Does a Ati Radeon hd 7770 work with my motherboard

Hello I have a digilite dl960gmgs3 fx
motherboard and a onboard ati radeon hd 3000( i think) can i install a sapphire ati radeon hd 7770
I Have a 350 watt smps
Amd athlon 2 x2 240
500 gb segate hdd
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  1. should be no problem
  2. Your motherboard should have no compatibility issues with any PCIe GPUs and the HD 7770 will work just fine with it.

    Your 350W PSU, on the other hand, might be an issue.
    If you are running a budget/no name unit you will probably want to upgrade to a higher quality PSU before installing the new GPU.
  3. i have a 350 watt power supply but it asks for a 450 watt power supply
    will it still work?:??:
  4. Joshua847 said:
    i have a 350 watt power supply but it asks for a 450 watt power supply
    will it still work?:??:

    That depends entirely on the quality of your PSU.
    If it is a high quality unit, you should have no issues powering your system and a HD 7770.
    If it is a low quality unit though, you risk overloading it and possibly destroying much of your system.

    If you could post the exact Brand, Model and +12V Amperage for your current PSU we can try to figure out if it is powerful enough.
  5. Actually a HD7770 demands for a 450W psu but u can still run it if u have a branded PSU and if your system's TDP is not that much(i think it's within 200W). First of all, let me give you a piece of advice, that x2 240 is going to be a problem while playing modern games like BF4/crysis 3(it will bottleneck the hd7770). I would recommend you to get a gtx750 whose TDP is just around 55W and is better than hd7770 and doesn't require an auxillary power connector.
  6. I myself experienced bottleneck with my hd7750 and x2 245(O.C ed to 3.11ghz). Give the details of your PSU.
  7. I have a vip 350 watt smps
    my first(stock smps) broke
    so i replaced with this for around 1000 rupees

    I have a spare 400 watt intex smps but its around 4 years old
  8. Intex,right? Hmm i think it will work. Looking at the TDP of ur system, i think it will work but be very careful and try not to O.C the gpu and replace the psu as soon as u can. you can always a 450W psu from Antec or Corsair CX430 at Rs.2500
  9. Hey Joshua,why don't you get something like the gtx650/hd7750 or the best gtx750?
    But remember this, anything higher than a 6670 is likely to cause bottleneck(as my 245 did with my 7750) and if would be very noticeable in some particular games.
  10. Best answer
    Yes that's very good. I didn't mentioned that because i though that it would ewxceed your budget. I'd have also recommended that. Get it, it;s a nice PSU and one more thing, if you don't plan to do SLI/Xfire in future, then a 450W psu like the Corsair CX430/Antec 450 would be sufficient.
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