Can I split my coaxial cable before the modem and use two modems at the same time?

Basically, I want to split the coaxial cable so that I have two modems going at the same time.

Is this possible?
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    Sort of. You can have multiple modems, but usually your ISP will only give one IP address to you.
  2. Where you wanting to have double bandwidth, or where you just needing internet in other parts of the house, and you saw that there is a coax line?

    They make what is called a MOCA adapter that will put ethernet data back onto coax line and you can then use the other reciever to turn it back into ethernet, these are a little pricey though. The other option would be a powerline adapter, if you get the 500mbps or better ones they will perform with better ping/latency then wifi can. (I am assuming that if running an ethernet cable from one location to the other was doable you would have not asked about the modems in the first plaec).
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