heat sink chip installation on an asus 780ti

hi guys I've recently installed a kraken g10 on my asus 780ti however i knew that vram cooling with a kraken is to great so i bought vram heat sink chips to put on my card. however I'm not sure where to put them. I've read about putting them on the squares around my gpu however i don't see how that would cool my vram as its no where near it. any help would be great.

Pics of my card without the coolers
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  1. The 12 black squares surrounding your gpu is the vram, they each carry 256mb of vram so 256MBx12 = ~3GB.
    The heatsinks have a larger surface and can therefore dissipate the heat easier, therefore being a better cooling solution than not having anything at all. :)

    I think it's also a good idea to put heatsinks on the components with the faint "R22" they deliver the power for your gpu but im not totally surre how hot they may and can get, someone else please confirm this.
  2. So the heat sink chips should go on the under side of my card along side the gpu not on the top? sorry if that's a ridiculous question but i had someone tell me that they should go on the top side of the vram squares
  3. Also should I use (noctua nth1) thermal paste to put the chips on or use the glue that's already on them ?
  4. You should just use the pads (glue) on the heatsinks, it's also holding it in place, which thermal paste aren't made for.
    and Yes they go on the same side as the main cooler (under the card).
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    The VRM's chokes (i.e. the gray cube shaped devices labeled R22 or R33) are passive devices and don't require extra cooling.

    What needs to be cooled are the VRM's MOSFET chips for the GPU and memory power circuits:

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