looking for a decent gaming laptop

i am looking for a decent gaming laptop that can play most games on medium

i live in england so no american stores
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  1. We're going to need a bit more detailed description: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/50797-35-laptop-buyers
  2. i currently do not have a budget (but i'm guessing around £600-£700 i need to check things)

    size... decently sized not one of those awfully tiny things you get (i think my current laptop is a bit bigger than an A4 sheet of paper)
    screen resolution 1080p
    at least a few hours battery life when not doing intensive tasks (like when watching a film) i tend to keep my laptop plugged in most of the time when doing more power hungry tasks (like gaming)
    i will probably play world of warcraft on it as well as TERA online planetside 2 and titanfall (and as i said medium is good enough i know tera and wow are not your hardware intensive games but planetside 2 is)
    gaming, general internet, films and main downloading machine (i can keep my laptop on 24/7 but not my desktop so with my current laptop i download my steam games on it for transfer to the main machine)
    at least 500gb
    and i intend to keep it for some time
    anywhere that sells in england
    standard dvd drive (i have not quite made the leap to blu ray yet)
  3. 1TB of storage, 8GB of RAM, Bluray combo drive, decent battery, i7 4-core (8-thread) CPU, pretty good for gaming, but no Full HD screen (I think): http://www.amazon.co.uk/Asus-N56VZ-15-6-inch-Laptop-Graphics/dp/B00B2I6E40/ref=sr_1_19?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1400759340&sr=1-19

    I've personally had a 15.6 inch laptop with a 1366x768 screen and it never looked too grainy for me. If 1080p is an absolute must, let me know and I'll find an alternative.
  4. pcspecialist.oc.uk - select the cosmos II - 15.6' fairly thin lapttop
    the upgrades you need are:
    I5 4200M
    8GB ram
    gtx 850M
    1080p screen
    update the wireless if you have enough cash.
  5. hmmm thinking about it my current laptop is lower than 1080p (1366X768) and i have not had any issues with that one (the resolution that is)
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