G840 and GTX660, bottleneck?

Hi everyone,

I have CPU Intel Pentium G840 2.8Ghz
RAM 2x4gb Kingstone 1333Mhz
MB H61M-P31 (G3)
current GPU Nvidia GeForce 8600 Magic Asus
PSU KY-400 ATX P4 MS Industrial (400W)

I know that pc is strong as its lowest component,in my case GPU ,i bought other parts a year ago. Now i have enough to buy MSI GTX 660 Gaming 2gb Gddr 5 OC and i know that it needs a 6pin power connector. So,is 400w enough for all this and will my CPU just bring down everything when i install GPU?
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  1. That PSU does not sound good. I would upgrade that before changing the GPU.

    A 660 will be a bit bottlenecked by the Pentium, but it will also give you the best performance you are likely to get using that CPU.
  2. A good quality 400W supply would be fine. Yours does not appear to be good. Upgrade that first.

    Some games will be limited, yes. You really need 4 threads to play modern games at high settings, the i3 is a minimum you want to be looking at with the 660. The Pentium is good enough for most/many games for now, but you'll definitely want to be upgrading that as soon as you are able. Second-hand Sandybridge i3 processors are reasonably cheap now though, at least in the UK. I've seen them on Ebay for £40 - £50.
  3. How much will G840 bottleneck GTX 660 ,8gb of ram, on 42inch/106cm 1080p TV? Would i at least get 30fps on high settings,1080p res while playing all games from 2013 until now? What games could be problematic?
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    There is no one simple answer to your question. RTS, online and open world games tend to be CPU limited, in which case your Pentium would bottleneck the GPU. Most other types of games are GPU limited, in which case your Geforce 660 would be the bottleneck.

    Pretty much all games will run at at least 30FPS. I am aware that

    Examples: Online games like Planetside 2 and Battlefield 4 are CPU limited when there are lots of players in-game. GTA4 was severly CPU limited so I assume GTA5 will be as well (warning: conjecture). Rome 2: Total War, Starcraft 2 and Civ 5 are examples of strategy games that are CPU limited.

    These are the exceptions though, in the majority of games your Geforce 660 will be the bottleneck.
  5. Yeah, i see. I play almost everything. Would it be worth to buy i3-3240 ,it's max that i can do. I found 500W Cooler Master Elite Power,it is good,at least i think so. Is i3 better upgrade or waste of money. I can't afford anything above i3. I read that GTX 660 works best with i5-3470 but i can't afford it,it is expensive as gtx. I am guessing that i5 could work with gtx660 on 500w ,as also i3 and gtx 660.
  6. Yes, it would definitely be worth buying an i3. See here, an i3 absolutely destroys a Pentium in Crysis 3, which is very heavily CPU dependant:,review-32682-10.html

    I actually own a Coolermaster Elite 500. It's not a great power supply, but it's good enough for an i5 + a Geforce 660. It's not even 80+ certified, that's how basic it is. Despite that it's powering my Core 2 Quad (95 Watts) and Geforce 460 (170 Watts) based desktop quite happily, and they have higher power requirements than an i5 (77 Watts) or a Geforce 660 (150 Watts).
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