i5-4690 vs i5-4670K for MSI Z87-G45 mobo

I am in the middle of building my first rig for gaming, and had originally had my heart set on getting the i5-4670K but have been waiting and hoping for a price drop. I came across the i5-4690 at a cheaper cost and was thinking about pulling the trigger on that instead, since they are almost identical (I'm not sure if I plan on overclocking). The concern that I have is that I'm not sure if a bios update is needed for the MSI Z87-G45 mobo and I don't have another cpu for the updating if that is what's needed. The MSI website says it's compatible but I don't know if that means straight out of the box.

Should I take the chances and go with the i5-4690 or spend a little extra (or continue waiting for a sale) on the i5-4670K? A third option would be to wait on i5-4690k release...

Thanks in advance.
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    4670K is overclockable, the Z87 chipset allows for overclocking. Get the 4670K. Haswell Refresh are not currently supported by that board.
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