I need an explanation for dual monitors

My current specs are as follow:

2x4gb ram
asus gtx 780 dcu 2 oc
650w psu
1tb hdd
128gb ssd
dvd writer
1080p monitor

I'd like to add another monitor but I wouldn't use it for an extra screen for gaming but rather for multi tasking (working on 2 different things at once, have access to internet quickly while playing a game on 1 screen)

Is it something possible with my current setup? Does adding an extra monitor (even if not used in-game) would be very demanding on my gpu?
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    for gaming, one can have the game, the other can be used for multiplayer maps ect.. A good option and very very useful.

    It will effect your GPU, but your should not be dramatically effected by it.
  2. How much of an effect do you think it would have as far as fps goes?
  3. On your system, and what is on the other screen, no more then 9FPS max.
  4. Thanks for your help :)
  5. no problem. If you have any other questions, just ask and we'll gladly help.
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