crossfire hd 7870 ghz edition oc 2gb gddr5 with SAPPHIRE DUAL-X R9 270X 2GB GDDR5 OC WITH BOOST

Hello guys, I have a HD7870 on my system and I'd like to do crossfire to increase the performance.

Nowadays arround my place I can't get a new hd7870, if I get one it'd have to be second-hand.

So, I was wondering....can I use a R9 270x to crossfire with my hd7870? or is it better if I use another hd7870?
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    yes you can crossfire those 2 cards. it's the same when crossfirering r9 280x and the hd 7970/7950
  2. I should place the r9 270x in the first slot and the hd7870 in the second one right? or it's the same?
  3. it doesn't matter. it will work either way.
    hope i did help you

    Don't forget to pick as solution :)
  4. yes! thanks for the info radekmm :)
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