260 SLI to 7950, computer not turning on

I have been running two 260gtx in sli for the last couple weeks while waiting for my RMA (This is my fourth GPU RMA in total, first two with asus,then I got a refund and bought something else) to finish. I just got my 7950 today (MSI 7950 OC BE).

My computer won't start when both 6pin connectors are in the GPU. One (on either GPU connector) or zero six pin connectors work and my computer turns on. I have the seasonic x-series 750watt psu. I also tried changing the 6 pin cord from my PSU.

When I turn it on the first time with both six pin connectors, all the lights on my motherboard come on and my fans cycle once. after that, I get nothing, but all the lights are still on. Other GPUs stil work in the same PCI slot using the same PSU connector.

Reminder that I was working with two 260gtxs, which is way more power consumption than a 7950, and had previously run both a single ROG 280x platinum and 270x Windforce in here.

My total specs are:

Two OCZ SSDs in raid 0
Seagate Barracuda 2TB
2133mhz g.skill ram
Seasonic 750w psu

I hate to say it, but everything is pointing to the gpu being faulty. I'm going to test it in another computer right now and will get back after that. I'm just looking for feedback in case I might have missed anything.
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    Sounds like you may have a bad card (the 7950). I run 2x 7950's in crossfire. One day while gaming my computer shut off and refused to power back on. Long story short, one of my cards went bad, no matter what the computer refused to boot if I had the power connections plugged into the card. I ended up having to RMA the card thru Sapphire.
  2. Yep. I totally do have a bad card. Why i can't be sent a working computer part nowadays is beyond me. I guess I'll just have to add another month onto the seven months I haven't had a gpu.
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