Samsung 840 Series - 500gb SSD Drives - Raid 0 Configuration - Both Drives Post Errors

First of all. Samsung's tech support s**ks. It sounded like some snot nosed teenager that was only interested in getting off the phone and issuing an RMA for the drives.

I'm trying to figure out what's happening with the drives. Here are the specs on my system:
Raid 0 Configuration - 2 Samsung 840 MZ-7TD500BW 2.5" Sata III SSDs
Intel DX79SR Mobo
2 1.5TB Storage Drives - Standard Configuration

My computer runs for a few hours or days and then everything is freezing. I have to reboot at the power button because I can't even ctrl/alt/del. When the computer reboots, and it goes through it's raid posting screen, at first only one of the SSD's was showing "Error Occurred" under status. Now, both SSD's are showing "Error Occurred" when the raid configuration posts. If I go into the raid configuration, it's absolutely no help. I can basically only add/edit/delete a Raid. It gives no indication of what the errors might be. Is there a way that I can figure out what the errors might be?

I've tried using Samsung's "magician" software to control fix the problems/update the drives software/firmware. It doesn't work with Raid 0 apparently (or at least the tech at Samsung said they don't support troubleshooting Raid 0 issues). With as many people running Raid configurations out there - I can't believe their software doesn't support optimizing for Raid, but whatever.

Any tips on where to begin looking for the problems with the drives? Should I try and update the firmware a different way? Any tips are greatly appreciated. These drives should be computing power houses, and neither even made it a year...
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    raid for ssd suck. I have and just switched back over to single. Samsung software didn't even awknowledge that they were ssd drives at all. But my guess for figuring out your errors, are that when you first boot, once your past bios there should be a raid configuration thing that pops up very quickly. That is wehre you should've set up your raid, I would go there and troubleshoot, since that's ultimately the software side of raid setup.
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