korean m1440p moniters ????

hi there people its pay day tommorow and i really want a 1440p moniter ive seen the korean ones are in my budget and seen plenty of good reviews but i want to know from someone with first hand experiance with one before i potentially dive into the unknown ???
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    I have a QNIX QX2710 and it is simply amazing. The colours are so good, with well defined greys dark blacks and bright whites and the extra screen space being super useful for multitasking and makes games look really crisp without much anti aliasing. The 8ms GTG response time hasn't bothered me once in a game, nor any apparent "motion blur".

    The greatest thing about it is how overclockable it is. Nearly every QX2710 overclocks beyond 100Hz without any artefacts and remains stable for years. And at higher refresh rates everything just moves so much smoother. Games have more flow and windows feels less clanky. I'm really glad I got this monitor and would recommend it as a "no brainer" to anyone looking for a 1440p solution.
    However I will say that 1440p really hit my frame rate and vram hard (running a 2GB 680) so beware that you'll need more graphics horsepower to run games. But modern games still look amazing at medium details anyway.
  2. offers similar 1440p panels and is located here in the usa.

    other than that, ebay sellers greensum and dreamseller are the two well known reliable dealers that offer the panels you are looking at. i got my achieva shimian 1440p from greensum a little over a year and a half ago and i love it and never had any problems.
  3. brilliant exactly the answer i was looking for and i live in the uk so either way it will have to be shipped over seas and im running a 270x 4gb version can play bf4 at ultra settings with no aa at 1080p and get and constant 70-80 fps (using fraps) but seen as i use mantle in bf4 its probably more and going to 1440p there will be even less need for aa (i dont see any change at 1080p expect perfomance hit) so do you think i will be ok with the 270x ? thanks for the replys !!!!
  4. 270X certainly isn't ideal, but its more than adequate so long as you are ok with turning settings down a bit in more demanding titles. Just a word of warning, to avoid excessive import duty message the Ebay seller and ask them to mark the value on the monitor as a bit lower, import duty steps up on items above a certain amount (Google it I can't remember exactly, sorry) and the Qnix just happens to be a touch above this. I did it twice and had no issues.
  5. ok brilliant looks like i may have to go for a better card maybe crossfire ... and ok thanks for the tip ill be sure to do so :)
  6. I bought mine from accessorieswhole and they were very helpful all the way through. Because you are importing into the UK from korea you'll need to message the seller to mark the box with a TARIC code such that customs know the contents of the box.
    Simply ask for this to be printed on the outside of the packaging


    This code fits the monitor perfectly and tells them that there is a 0% customs fee. You'll still pay 20% VAT but the seller asked if they could mark the price of the monitor as $200 and therefore reduce the VAT to about £25. So I paid about £210 to the seller for the monitor and after a few days I got a letter from Fed Ex asking for payment of handling fees and VAT of about £35 which I paid online. They also supply the monitor with a UK adapter.

    I hope this helps.
  7. yes thanks ive ordered the qnix version from the same seller i did contact the seller and they replied that the would declare it as 200 dollers also how much did u pay in total my friend ?
  8. About £240, but when I bought the monitor it was £210, now it is £190. So hopefully you should pay around £220
  9. ok awesome nice one pal !!!!
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