need help with first build - question about Mobo standoffs

Hey guys-

I'm in the middle of my first build. So far, so good. But now I've come across a snag. I read earlier that the motherboard standoffs were very important and that you will fry the mobo if you don't install them.

So when I opened up the case, I made it a specific point to look for the standoffs. That's where the first odd thing happened: there were only 4 of them. I figured that they would go in the outside corners, so i screwed them into the case and tried putting the mobo in. But it wouldn't fit -- the ports were 'too high' for the plate in the back of the computer, as if it didn't need the standoffs. I didn't force it, and pulled the mono back out. Upon closer inspection, the standoffs screw into raised sections of the case that themselves look like standoffs (raised 4-6 mm off the rest of the case). If I relied on these 'built-in standoffs', the board would fit fine. Is what I should do? Does the 500R or other cases come with built-in standoffs?

thanks for the help!
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  1. If if it has raised stand off's then use those, there might be a few spots that dont have raised stand off's and you may need to install them there if needed.
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