Need Help Choosing New Keyboard

Got my Steelseries APEX RAW not long ago but already want a new keyboard, now that I've got a bigger budget to spend on a keyboard I want one which is better.

Would like some recommendations

Don't care if it's mechanical or not
Don't care if it has macro keys or not
Has to have back lighting
Not too big (not bigger than Steelseries APEX)

I can spend up to £90

One I'm currently focused on is Razer Deathstalker Expert, but would like to hear suggestions.
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  1. I've got a couple clients that like the Razor Blackwidow
  2. I've researched the Blackwidow before, but it's too expensive, the one with back lighting is over £120.
  3. I'm using the coolermaster quickfire ultimate with brown keys and so far so good
  4. The Quickfire is a good keyboard from reviews I've read and seen, but I really don't like how it looks, I don't like the really high buttons, I like it more low profile.
  5. Corsair Raptor K50 (or even K30)
  6. I don't like the really high buttons, I like it more low profile

    well I don't think theres a mechanical keyboard with lo pro keys , but like you I felt the same way,, but all it took was getting use to I got over it in a week.
  7. looks like a lot of folks buying this one
  8. I was about to buy the K50 couple of days ago but then I checked its dimensions, unfortunately it's too big. About the K30 and Sidewinder X4, are they better than the Deathstalker Expert, and how?
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    If you are going the non-mechanical route the sidewinder X4 is the best board you can get. Is it better than the deathstalker? That is up to preference.
    The X4 has the raised keys and 5 macro buttons vs the chicklet keys and no macro keys on the DeathStalker. The X4 also doesn't need that garbage synapse2.0 either. If you go by reviews, the X4 is a much more solid board.

    The only reasons I've heard people want the Stalker over the X4 is because they wanted green backlit or chicklet keys.

    Since you don't need macros, I wouldn't get the k50. although, I have the k95 and enjoy it a lot :)

    The x4 has 3 years warranty vs DeathStalker 1 year.

    Lastly, you would enjoy the x4, you might enjoy the deathstalker :P
  10. I see, I guess it's like you said, depends on personal preferences. I will have a think on which I would personally like more, and get either the X4 or the Deathstalker.

    Thanks to all who replied.
  11. my deal was my logitec broke and I bought one to replace it and the nkro was bad and did not work as I needed it to so I bought another one and it I guess had no nkro so i got another one that the nkro was not good for me tthen i got this coolremastre as i said above and the nkro was all good for my use .. they clamed full nkro but there not .. i use number pad a lot and now most don't include that in there ''full'' nkro
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