Help Finding A Suitable Optical Drive

Hello everyone,

I am looking to purchase an optical drive with the following capabilities:

Blue-Ray reading and playing only.
DVD reading and playing and burning.
CD reading and playing and burning.

I can't for the life of me find a good deal or even a part with that of which I need. Could anyone please take a moment and link me to a vendor, preferably Vuugo or Canada Computers, to a model I can purchase? I'm not looking to spend much on this components and all the other components in my first custom build I have just ordered came to around $2400.

Thank you for your time in reading, and any help provided in advance.

Update: I am okay with buying two $20~ (each) optical drives, one for only playing BR, and the other for DVD/CD burning and reading if necessary.
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  1. DVD/CD burner for $18

    But BR drive will be more than $20, also you need the BR player software too, it will be same price as the BR drive, but you can find the good deal sometime.

    BR drive
  2. Best answer
    Fits all your needs

    Bluray software
    15% off WinDVD Pro Bluray Player with this code >
  3. they may be just rebranded liteon thers a lot of them out there so find one you like seems lg was the one to get . and try the VLC player for play back its free and work well
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