Does this purchase include both halves to the laptop charger?

I know this is probably obvious but I just want to double check, the website image for the charger only shows the actual laptop cable half of the charger, not the power socket half. It does say Power cable included by that seems vague and could mean either half of the charger.

Here's an image outlining it;

Thanks in advance
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    There's a picture of the other half in the bottom left. It's going to come with the whole set up.

    If you want actual confirmation just contact the seller.
  2. WHy not ask them directly - dy you sell charger only, or charger plus power cable?
    You might be also interested what kind of power cable is included - Euro, UK, US etc.
  3. Thanks for the rapid response guys, completely missed the 2nd image showing actual damn thing, haha!
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