Will my Crucial M500 SSD 6.0Gbps work with mobo that only supports SATA 2?

I have a Crucial M500 SSD im wondering if it will work fine with a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 Rev. 5.0 SATA 2.
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    Yes, SATA III is backwards compatible with SATA II, you just get slightly slower speeds.
  2. Thanks a lot.
  3. It will work, but you'll lose some performance due to bandwidth issues with the SATA 2 interface.

    Theoretically, it will be ~25% slower than if you had a SATA 3 interface. You could also look into a SATA 3 to PCI adapter if you have any spare PCI slots.
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    All SATA is backwards compatible so it will work, but you might lose a bit of raw speed as SATA II is capped at 3GBps. Shouldn't be a problem as you still retain the big bonus of SSDs in terms of seek time, no fragmentation worries, etc. Plus you can always upgrade to SATA III later or buy a pcie card if you have space.
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