can a pci-e x16 card fit in a pci-e x1 slot?

I need to add more computer monitors to my computer. there are 2 pci-express x1 slots available (one has the graphics card that was pre-installed). what is the difference between a x1, x4, x8, x16 card, what advantage would there be in going with a higher number, and would any of them fit into the slot?
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  1. short answer is No
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    You can do it if the motherboard has an open ended slot. Not many do. All PCIE devices must support x1 mode (it's in the standard). So you can do it, but it will severely bottleneck performance. PCTE x1 is only 250MB/sec, each direction (for 1st gen). The more lanes a card has, the faster the interface between the card and mobo.
  3. How many monitors do you run now, on what gpu, and is there a budget on a possible new gpu?
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