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I recently bought the MSI Apache 003 which has windows 8.1 on it. I didn't like windows 8.1 so I decided to downgrade to windows 7. I installed it and everything worked fine, until it finished setup. There are no drivers on it and I'm not sure which ones to get. I've looked for awhile now and can't find them. Im using wireless connection.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. NVIDIA Geforce GTX860M,
    and the chipset are all that I could find, Mobile Intel® HM87

    And I now hate msi. Sorry friend, that is all kinds of wrong. They should have drivers available... Keep hunting, and pair whatever you can find from the specs on their website...
  2. Does this mean there isn't a internet driver?
  3. wait one, let me check.
  4. ok thanks


    Killer E2200 Intelligent Networking driver

    There you go man.

  6. I hope it's the right one, but i got msi ge60 apache pro 003
  7. Thanks man ill try it right nnow
  8. I installed it and that went well. I'm still not getting internet. So I went into network settings and it has the test network speed option, but it says i need flash. how do i get flash on there without internet?
  9. Do I need an ethernet cable for this?
  10. download and transfer an offline install from whatever internet ready device you're using now. But flash to get network? That sounds odd...
  11. I found... something. I cannot stand behind this, so DL at your own risk...
  12. ethernet should usually work pretty much right off, as it's pretty much plug and play, but I am sadly leaving my element with that whole flash thing, so...
  13. Do I need a Network controller driver to get internet aswell?
  14. I'm sorry for all the questions, it's so complicated for me.
  15. Plugged in the ethernet cable, but nothing happend :P I guess it wasn't the right driver or something :( back to the windows 8.1
  16. no, no worries, I have dealt with plenty of stuff in this same sense, fix one thing, another dies or takes 4 hours to understand... S'why I'm here.

    From what I could tell, the qualcomm I sent you to IS your network device manufacturer, and the Killer *** was the unit itself.

    Tell you what, what is your exact computer type? is it that apache pro 003, or not? You can find this by googling the serial number. Once we have that, we will be closer to a solution.

    Also, I can't stay on forever, I have work tomorrow and it's close to midnight here... but I'll do what I can.
  17. It's the MSI Apache GE60 Pro-003 Model # ms-16gf

    I really appreciate it man.
  18. The killer did fix the ethernet controller drive, but i still have the network controller if that makes any difference.
  19. Best answer

    That^ should (crossing fingers) be for your wireless, just hit wireless networking for option 1, intel wifi products for option 2, and Intel® Wireless-AC 3160 for option 3.

    Ha! I hope... Your killer *** was actually the LAN netowrk, still don't know why it won't work, but meh.
  20. also, went to msi homepage, and looked up specs to find this info. the killer LAN thing was my mistake, it said LAN right next to it, but yeah.

    O please work, o please work, etc...
  21. Wireless_17.0.2_Ds64.exe

    to download?
  22. OK I downloaded the ds one and installed it. It fixed the network controller. But my computer will just no recognize my internet. Should I restart my router or something?
  23. the first one (..._Ds64) is driver only, the second one (..._s64) is driver and software bundle for it.
    your choice.
  24. Just shout out if it works. If not, I may have to retire...
  25. It says my wireless capability is turned off.
  26. is that a warning screen and won't allow you to install? or is that after install?
  27. after install in my network trouble shooting settings.
  28. see if you can get into change adapter settings and make sure that the wireless adapter is enabled (disabled will have red x at bottom), after that, see if you have any software that can activate it outside of the network center.

    I think I've spammed this thread enough. You have a good night, and sorry I couldn't help more.


    If that doesn't work btw, I'm sure some awesome guru will pick up where I left off.
  29. OMG I DID IT!!!!!!! For some reason my computer was automatically set in airplaine mode! I turned that off proto and bam! THANK YOU SO MUCH MY FRIEND! You were the biggest help! You deserve a award. Thank you!!!!!!!!!
  30. grr, change adapter is to the left of the network settings window, along with advanced settings and control center home
  31. Ha, YES! awesome! congrats and good gaming! if it worked, just throw an answered out to the person responsible (we get acchimients that way!)
  32. Thanks again man! huge help!
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