CANNOT Connect Wireless Printer to Network

Firstly, thank you to anyone who comments.

I have an Asus Ultrabook laptop and I'm trying to connect my "Samsung ML-2165W/XAC Lazer Printer" to my wireless network. (I also have a laptop that can use the disk! I've tried.) Both are Windows 8.1.

I have the CD, I've followed the instructions to the letter; every single time it says "Connection Failure - General Connection Error" or "Connection Failure - Invalid Network Security". I have the USB cord that came with the printer for setup, and I CAN print when only connecting my laptop to the printer with it. Once I disconnect, I cannot print. It will not let me set up a connection. Help!!!

I will love you (man or woman) for the rest of my days if you help me.
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  1. Just as test, disable wireless security on your router, then see if the printer successfully connects to it.
    If it does, your printer is probably not compatible with the wireless security encryption type that your router was using.
    So change it to WEP encryption instead of WPA (or WPA instead instead of WPA2) then see if the printer gets along with that.
  2. I've changed the encryption to all options one by one and nothing changed.
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    try to check the I.P address of your wireless printer.. then if your using Windows..
    go to printers and faxes..
    add printer.. then click next..
    select a network printer..
    then connect to a printer or office network
    and input the I.P of your printer.. then select next./ :)
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