Need to upgrade Graphics Card for my Compaq Presario cq3040il.

I am currently using nvidia geforce 8400GS graphics card and wants to upgrade with best possible graphics card. Please let me know all options.

my system configuration can be found here:
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  1. at this time you should also upgrade your psu , cpu and ram then get a gtx 650 or 770 or r9 from amd your psu wattage is too low try to get some thing like 500 or above and cpu like quad core and upgrade the ram to least 4gb your pc has pci express version 1.1 so most of the graphics card will have a limited bandwidth and will bottleneck....
  2. Will DDR3/DDR5 graphics work on my system??
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    they can work on every system all you need is a ddr2 or ddr3 compatible ram slot and graphics card vram ddr3 or ddr5 or gdr5 can also work on every system having pci express slot just dont worry about ram types just you need a compatible slot ..
  4. I am having DDR2 RAM INSTALLED. And pci express x16 1.1 slot.... which graphics card should i opt for best result???? i m also buying 500W Psu..
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