need help with space inside a case

Hi everyone, I am planning to build a gaming PC and recently a sale started near me on which a sapphire radeon r9 290 tri-x is on sale for $574 NZD ($490USD) which is quite cheap for prices in NZ. But this brings me to one problem. The case i'm planning to buy: which is around $140 NZD does not fit the 290 :/.

Im wondering if there is a way to remove some of the drive bays (where the GPU would line up) to create some more space.

If not is there any similar cases in price and quality i could buy? note i live in nz so not every product is available :(. I also would like it if the case looks quite cool (bragging rights :p)

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    Hi Robert Mi
    I see your dilemma , card space 290mm , card 305 .
    You will have to mod the case to make the card fit
    From what i can see of this case it looks like you will be able too , but it will require some work.
    The top optical drive section looks separate to the bottom hard drive cage so you will hopefully not have to cut the two to separate them.
    it looks like the HDD cage is riveted to the frame , you should be able to drill out the rivets on the back and underneath of the case to remove the HDD cage plate. , once out get an angle grinder with a thin 1mm cutting disc and clamp the panel to a bench or in a vice and cut down the bays to two or however many you need .you can use a flap disc to remove any sharp burs on the cutout panel , a touch of flat black spray paint and you will be good to put it back in place . Put The panel back in place then rivet back in the panel from the underneath and you may have to drill a new hole for the rivet on the back and you should be good to go
  2. Thanks for the reply. Looks bit complicated and I don't really have any of those tools :/ looks likebill have to go shopping for a new one.
  3. I hope it all goes well for you , all the best
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