Pendrive Inserted DVD Drive Gives Read Sound !!!

Hello Folks,

I have one peculiar issue with my Win 7 OS.

Whenever I insert Pen drive or USB dongle into my USB slot, I first see reading light and sound from my DVD drive. I understand that drive check is happening when something inserted into usb slot. This needs to be stopped.

Can someone help me.
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    I am not sure exactly what the issues is here. You do not want Windows to ASK the Pendrive "what are you, how much space do you have, etc." when it first plugged in? That is NEVER going to happen, because that is a basic function of Windows on "what are you a printer? A video card? a Mouse? " etc. If it doesn't "Drive check" then it doesn't know how much space is on the drive (is it full? or empty?) and so on.
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