need help troubleshooting upload speed

I recently upgraded to a 20Mbps symmetrical connection and I want to put it to good use.
I have an Atom laptop (with windows) dedicated as a server, and installed HFS + Stunnel to use it as a web file server (so the traffic is all https downloads).
Testing inside my network, I can get 50+ Mbps while downloading files, if using the network IP and 20-35Mbps if using the internet IP. The problem is that outside my network (in the office, with a 50Mbps symmetrical connection) I can only get 3-5Mbps download speed and I want to know what is blocking this.
I would like some advice to test if the problem is the cpu of the atom, the router or something else.
All Speedtests I make on my connection show 20/20 Mbps so the router seems to be able to handle such speeds. The internal test are all above 20Mbps, so the server also seems to be able to handle that. In the office speedtests also confirm the 50/50 speeds.
I don't know what else to test..
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    Okay this is tricky one.. Let's back up a step and make sure we got the layout right

    PC1 - Home Intranet- Atomlaptop is fine
    PC1 - Home Intranet - router - ISP - backdown the same ISP - router - Atomlaptop (all using HFS + Stunnel) spead is cut down
    WorkPC - Work Intranet - Work Router - Work ISP >>>> CLOUD CONNECTIONS >>>> Home ISP - Home Router - AtomLaptop 3-5Mbps.

    Correct? If so this is typical sometimes. First check and see if your ISP contract ALLOWS you to 'HOST' Servers, if not they may be purposefully detecting and limiting you (to avoid issues with say the other guy doing illegal torrents and hogging the ISP bandwidth). IF the contract allows you to, but your home ISP out to Internet then back to ISP cuts the speed down (as I indicated above) then it maybe because you set the Atom Laptop behind the firewall then on the DMZ. The time, processing, and reinterpetation of the IP adds to the packets, thus cutting the speed down drastically in the interpetation through the Firewall, hence the need for a DMZ. The DMZ will assign the external IP to the Atom Laptop (you need to have multiple IPs assigned to your connection) as though it is on the Internet though it physically sits 'behind' the firewall. Now you will need to put some serious protections on the server, as it becomes a prime target for hackers to take over to not only launch a way to get at your personal network and devices (your home PCs) but as well to use it as a BOT to slam all your neighbors / ISP customers with spam / malware.

    Now to circumvent all this, while HFS + STunnel seemed like a good idea, I personally would just make life a hell lot easier for you. Dump HFS and any other setups you dont to make this all happen. With the Atomlaptop serving files internally in your home network, setup the router for VPN access. Then when at the office (check with the office IT guys FIRST) setup a VPN connection back to your home LAN, and now your assets appear on the work PC like you were 'virtually' there at home. This is a much more reliable, less risk, and highly secure method that will ultilize the speeds.

    Now I would like to toss a BIG CAVEAT here. The 50/50 Office speeds, is for everyone AT the office connected to that ISP point, so if Sarah in Billing decides during lunch to watch funny Cat videos or if Alonso in Marketting needs to upload a new marketing video to Youtube, this will impact that 50/50 connection no matter how you have your home network / server setup. The only way you can have around that is to have ONLY your office PC connected to that router to that ISP 50/50 connection by yourself, to have the entire pipe dedicated to just you.
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