Will the EVGA Geforce GTX 750 Ti Super Clocked card work with my APU build?

My specs:
CPU - AMD A10-5800k APU (3.8Ghz - base)
Memory - 8 GB DDR3 (1600)
MoBo - Gigabyte GA-F2A75M-D3H (Rev 1.1)
HDD - Seagate 1TB Barracuda
PSU - 380W 80+ Bronze

I'm thinking about adding a wireless card adapter, another HDD with SSD, fan controller, and a BD.

I've seen a video of someone with nearly the same specs as mine:

but only thing my my mobo uses a PCI-E x16 v2.0 slot.
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    Yes. Will work perfectly.

    even 7970's dont utilise the full potential of pciE v3

    Have fun with the gpu :)
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