how will this system run wow?

Hi everyone..long time lurker first time poster hoping for some help and advice.. my budget was incredibly tight but I needed a new system for wow. I wanted one for raiding. Only 10 man for now but it needs to be able to handle 20 man mythic in wod. Wow is the only game I play and its likely to stay that way so im only asking advice relating to wow.

The system ive bought is a core2quad q6600, 8gb ram and 2gb nvidia gtx 750ti

Will I get good fps? By which I mean at least 30 in a 20 man group and at what settings will I need to play? Thanks in advance
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  1. Should work well even in high settings,the 750Ti is quite capable. What is your resolution?
  2. Resolution 1920x1080 :)
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    You should be good for High for about 50FPS
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