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2 Hard drives with 2 operating systems

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May 23, 2014 5:53:04 AM


I'm not very sure how to phrase this question, so please ask if you don't understand what I am saying.

I just built a computer with an 160 GB HDD that contains ubuntu, and I already have another computer with 150 GB HDD with Windows 7

I want to install Windows 7 on the ubuntu HDD, so I opened up my pre-built, connected the ubuntu HDD along with the other one and started up the computer.

No problems yet, it didn't show a dual-boot screen or anything, just started Windows 7.

The second it booted into the desktop, the Found new Hardware Wizard opened up and installed 6-7 drivers which all had SATA or Serial ATA in the name

My guess is that Windows was installing drivers for the ubuntu HDD as Windows had never encountered that HDD before

Anyway, all drivers installed, and I opened My Computer, where I found the 4 partitions of my Windows HDD AND NO UBUNTU HDD

So, I opened Command Prompt, and typed in diskpart, and then "list disk", and I found the second HDD in there.

I want to see the files inside the Ubuntu HDD, so why didn't it come to My Computer and how do I make it come?

Thank you.!

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Best solution

May 23, 2014 5:57:48 AM


Windows operating systems cannot read linux (ext) partitions directly...there may be a 3rd party application which can, but it cannot be done directly.

This is why you can see the hard drive in "Device Manager" or "diskpart" but not see it in "My Computer"

Hope this helps
May 24, 2014 4:40:46 AM

Thank you and I'd like to add another piece of information to that:

Linux operating systems CAN read windows partitions directly, it works that way