What is the Best Gaming PC Case for $110 or under

What is the best gaming pc case for $110 or under?

I have though about getting the Fractal Design Arc Midi R2, what would you guys recommend for me. I want the case to have good airflow and have good cable management availability.
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  1. In the us you've got the Define R4 for just under 110$. This one is with a sidepanel:
    I have it myself and the cable management should never be an issue. Lot's of space for fans, HDD's AND VERY QUIET.

    If you want it even quiter take the one without a sidepanel:
  2. A lot of low budget options out there with good cooling and cable management, it's really a matter of personal taste when it comes to the case.

    Here's a case from Thermaltake, the Urban T31. Cooling from bottom, front, and top. Vents out the rear. And has plenty of room for cable management. And right now comes with a $20.00 rebate at Newegg.
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    I have the Sonata ii and enjoy it a lot.,3274-2.html

    The case is really a personal preference, with $110 it should be easy to find the perfect one.
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