Will my PC run watchdogs better than ps4 at high settings

I recently read that watch on ps4 will run at 900p between medium and high my question is will watch dogs run better on my pc at 1080p
CPU:i5-4670k@3.80 GHz
Ram:8GB ddr3 1600 MHz
Gpu: nvidia GeForce gtx 770 2 gb gddr5

By better i mean


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  1. the gtx 770 is in the ultra spec, so yeah.
    you could also play watch dogs on ultra and it will run better than the ps4 in terms of performance
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    Yeah sure, your PC will hand this stuff like a piece of cake. PS4's gpu is equivalent to radeon hd 7850 or 7870 i guess.
    You can even see the small comparison here:

    The ps4's gpu is not exactly a radeon hd 7870, but nearly upto it. So this answer is only a guess.

    But i would say that your pc will run the game in very high settings and that is for sure. Enjoy Hacking!!!
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