will more power lower heat on a CPU?

I know its a stupid question but I'm trying to over clock my 4170 with one of the zalman heatsinks but I get 52° max with 1.5v. Should I lower it to 1.38v because someone else did and they 4.7ghz as their best. I get 4.4ghz with my setting and 4.8ghz on turbo on the same settings.
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    CPU's Safe Temp - 55 to 60. More power, more heat.
  2. No that's not possible. The more voltages (power) you put through the CPU the more waste heat will be generated and the better CPU cooler you will need to dissipate that extra waste heat.
  3. dont raise the voltage nor decrease it as increasing would cause more heat

    decreases it would cause instability
  4. If you take a 9 volt battery (or really any battery) and hook up a copper coil to both sides, you will notice in a while, the coil will get warm because of the voltage! Same principle for a CPU.
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